Manageing your Store integral and innovative way.

Catalog + Promotions

Ofering more than 15.000 kinds of products (SKUs) from more than 300 market leading suppliers. We offer promotional offers with each of the brands of high turnover products and additional discounts for marketing actions.<


Taking care of the complete flow of logistics. We operate without deposit, integrating suppliers with the different logistics operators. We guarantee a national competitive pricing without affecting delivery times or customer experience.

Customer Services

We offer 360º shopping experiences and that is our priority. We perform 100% of customer service pre purchase and after sales, with specific equipment for each category vertical, constant training, IVR system and mails with white store branding


Operating with "Mercado Pago", "PayU", "Todo Pago" and "Decidir", offering the best financing thanks to specific agreements with each of the payment gateways and banks. Interest-free installments, cash payments or Virtual Wallet are some of the options we offer on our platforms


Integrating different logistic operators and the most recognized sales platforms. We operate with the most important payment gateways. We also manage points system for loyalty and we have promotion tools / coupons. We also provide a custom administrator of Orders, Landings, Menu, Marketing, Reporting etc.


Carrying out the Email Marketing, we manage content in Social Networks, we take care of the creation and maintenance of campaigns in GoogleAdwords and Facebook, we generate alliances with groups of discounts and adNetwords to advertise products and / or Services in different media.


We create innovating

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